CS GO FPS Boost Settings for NVIDIA & AMD Video Cards
CS GO FPS Boost Settings for NVIDIA & AMD Video Cards by 3rd July 2014

CS GO FPS, yes we all have been playing CS GO about a time and by time new players has joined the force. These players rarely complaining about the CS GO Fps Problem, in this article i will take a short hand about this. CS GO Fps is a must, to play fine and comfortable CS GO Gaming Experience. For NVidia & AMD Video Card owners, I compile the settings step by step.

You should know that tweaking settings for boosting fps is not enough. In another article i wıll be explaining in game settings and other things like launch options, in game advanced graphical settings. So, let’s roll and have a look at CS GO Fps Settings for NVidia Cards, and later on AMD Cards.


  • Firstly open up NVidia Control Panel by right clicking icon next your time stamp.
  • if you don’t have a NVidia Control Panel icon on the place so you must go to your Windows Control Panel > Display Settings > NVidia Control Panel
  • CS GO Fps is the issue, after you find the Manage 3D Settings. There is two side of application ” Global Settings ” and ” Program Settings “
  • For CS GO Fps it’s not much to do with Global Settings so we will be Tweaking CS GO under Program Settings.
  • Select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Under Program Settings.
  • İf there is no CS: GO under Program Settings, Go add by section and find the way to your cs go folder. it’s like this on my machine “ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive “


Tweaking NVidia Settings for Boosting CS GO FPS

There are 18 sections to select what to do. What are these sections for cs go fps and what are they related to. Contrary to common belief people sets all settings to be set off, off and off. This is not the graphic card developers up to. Why are we using drivers? If we will set the hole settings to off. There are some good sections to be set” On” for CS GO Fps…


  • Ambient Occlusion – This option makes the edges brighter, in game if we need more fps. Set to ” Performance “
  • Anisotropic Filtering – is about image quality of surfaces. Set to” Application Control” we must set always to Application Control if it’s available in game.
  • Antialiasing FXAA – About smoothing edges. “ On “
  • Antialiasing Gamma Correction – Only supported 7800+ series. It makes color quality improvement. For CS GO FPS I recommend it to be ” On “
  • Antialiasing Mode – You already learned about Antialiasing. And this allows how Antialiasing will be used. Set to ” Application Control “
  • Antialiasing Setting – This is known as cascade effect and used to lowering this effect. High levels can reduce cs go fps. Set to ” Application Control “
  • Antialiasing Transparency – Improving transparent textures. Help CS GO Fps by Setting ” Multisampling “
  • CUDA – GPUs – Determination of which GPU will be used including PhysX system. Set to ” All or Can set to Primary Display “
  • Maximum pre-rendered frames – if you have a weak computer and a cpu this option will put too much on your cpu and must Set to ” 1 “
  • Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration – for more than 1 monitor usage it’s not for weak computers so must Set to ” Single display performance mode “
  • Power management mode – it’s not available in further updates. if you have so Set to ” Adaptive “
  • Preferred refresh rate – Refresh rate influences the game play so much and the cs go fps we must have at least 100 Hz for gaming. in all circumstances must Set to ” Highest Available “
  • Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization – This section only works for the programs which are related to DirectX and works for the pixel edges to be nicer. For the best performance Set to ” On ”
  • cs-go-fps-settings

    CS GO Settings


  • Texture filtering – Negative LOD bias – Improvement about cascades near edges. Set to ” Allow “
  • Texture filtering Quality – İts about to select Quality or Performance in game. What are we in CS:GO ? Of course ” Performance “
  • Texture filtering – Trilnear optimization – if you want the highest quality graphics and/or you are experiencing texture glitches you should set this option to Off. Set to “ On “
  • Threaded optimization – CS GO Fps needs multiple CPU s if have one or not Set to ” On “
  • Triple buffering – This is well done with if V-Sync is applied as On if not there is nothing to do much if you have low video card ram! you must turned it off strongly. Set to ” Off “
  • Vertical Sync – Prevents horizontal tearing by improving image quality, We need CS GO FPS to be on best Performance so Set to ” Off “
As i told you guys just configuring your Video Card Driver Settings is not enough so here is a new article what you should do more then editing your video cards settings. CS GO Launch Options ? In Game Advanced Video Settings ? Have a look at the CS GO FPS Boost Config , this may help more then others to boost your FPS.


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