What is Hz (Hertz) – Why Gamer Should Care About It ?
What is Hz (Hertz) – Why Gamer Should Care About It ? by 27th December 2016

Hz – Hertz (symbol Hz) is the frequency (frequency) unit. The name comes from the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Hz – Hertz; Refers to the number of revolutions per second. 1 Hertz is defined as one revolution per second or 1 million revolution per revolution (1 million revolution per second).

1 Hz = 1 s-1

This unit can be adapted to any periodical. E.g; A person might try to throw the heart with 1.2 Hz. The oscillations of electromagnetic waves, the data stream between computer components, and the speeds of parts such as RAM and processor are expressed in MHz (106 Hz) or GHz (109 Hz).

Normal tube TVs are 50 Hz, LCD monitors and TVs are 50-75 Hz, and LCD TVs now have 200 hertz.

Hertz is the number of repetitions on the screen in 1 second per view. For this reason, 100 Hz TVs with 2 speeds do not get a lot of looks, but 50 Hz TVs look a bit more tired.

In 50 Hz TVs, an image frame that appears on the screen actually appears when 2 half views overlap. As you can see, the image on the screen is generated by a line-by-line scan.

The odd-numbered lines (1,3,5,7 v.s) of the lines forming the image are scanned in the first frame and then the odd-numbered lines in the second frame.

Because these two half-scan screens change fast enough and because of the phosphor’s characteristic of the screen, it looks like a single-frame projection.

This is called “interlaced” image. On 50 Hz TVs, although the transition of the two half-kernels is fast, transitions are perceived as vibrations by the viewer, especially when the screen size increases.

Hz for Gaming Monitors

When the screen sizes are small, the vibration on the screen on 50 Hz TVs is not very disturbing. It becomes noticeable in the size of the 70’s on the screen and becomes annoying on the 80’s (harmful to the eye).Since the screen image is created by scanning one screen at a time, there is no flickering of the screen.

When the screen size is over 80, the TV’s 100Hz boosts the viewing quality and does not disturb the eyes.

For this reason, the computer monitors which are put on the market after 2015, have the mininum 100Hz ratios and are available in the monitors specially produced for the gamers.

A game monitor can come up to excellent ratios like 144Hz. The monitor with these ratios increases your level of dominance. Your response will improve with a 1: 1 ratio.

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